Normal turnaround time is 2-3 weeks from when the sample arrives in the lab. Results will be reported to the email address listed on the Test Request Form - please be sure to include a legible email address on the paperwork you send with the sample!



Canine DNA Testing for Inherited Diseases


Research at the University of Missouri, and in collaboration with scientists around the country and the world, has begun to reveal mutations responsible for inherited disease in several breeds of dogs. When mutations are identified, DNA-based tests are available for responsible dog breeders to use to avoid specific diseases in future generations of dogs. Veterinarians can use these DNA tests to identify disease in client dogs, and assist clients who are considering breeding their dogs with wise choice of potential mates.

Disease-specific information for listed diseases is available in the individual disease sections of this website (see main page). Please reference these other pages for basic information on these diseases. If a test is not listed here for your breed, that test is not currently available - see the disease section of this website for information on how to participate in research to help discover the mutations causing disease and allow a test to be offered.

DNA Testing POLICY CHANGE as of July 21, 2008 - In order to focus more attention on our research projects and the development of new DNA tests for a variety of inherited diseases, we are in the process of transferring our diagnostic testing service work to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

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