For Canine DNA Research at the University of Missouri


We welcome participation from breeders and owners outside the United States. What follows are special instructions for sending samples from other countries, and what is needed to clear Customs inspection. If there are several dogs who should be included in the research project, we encourage you to sample all the dogs at the same time, and send them all together.

Please see Sample Handling instructions for collection and preparation of the samples.

Special shipping instructions - Ideally the samples should be shipped immediately (with a tissue sample make certain it is completely frozen first). If samples are held for a day or over a weekend, blood must be refrigerated, and tissue samples must be kept frozen. Shipping via overnight delivery is usually impossible or prohibitively expensive from overseas - with added precautions, 2nd or 3rd day delivery will get the samples here in good condition.

- Time the shipment for arrival on weekdays only - there will not be anyone to accept the delivery on a weekend, and the samples could be unusable by Monday.

- Pack in a small insulated container or cooler, with 2-3 cool packs (freezer bricks, refrigerant packs, etc.) - it is important that blood samples be kept cool but not frozen, and tissue samples be kept as frozen as possible. Fill all empty space with bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts, or other material so that the contents cannot shift during shipment.

- If the paperwork is inside the cooler, please put it into a plastic bag so that it cannot get moist during shipment.

CUSTOMS statement that must appear on package;


The key words here are "canine" origin, and "not infectious". You may want to have your vet write a note with this statement on clinic letterhead to put inside the package in case it is opened for inspection. This is not required, but may be helpful. It may also be a good idea to declare the cool packs on the outside of the package - they could appear suspicious to an inspector when the package is scanned. Include Liz Hansenís phone number (below) so that Customs can call with any questions that may arise.


The delivery address is;

Dr. Gary Johnson - (Breed of Dog) DNA Research

320Connaway Hall

University of Missouri

Columbia, MO 65211


If you need clarification, or have any questions about any of these procedures, please contact Liz Hansen by phone (573-884-3712), email(, or regular mail (321 Connaway Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211).Liz is Dr. Johnsonís Coordinator of Veterinary Information, and can help with any questions you may have.


Thank you for your cooperation and participation!